TRU-SPEC® T.R.U.® Defender Shirt

TRU-SPEC‘s new Defender Shirt is designed to be worn with our Tactical Response Uniform® line of apparel and features drirelease® fabric from the mid-torso down for comfort and superior moisture wicking!


ProductAdvisor’s The Best Concealed Carry Backpack: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

ProductAdvisor recently named TRU-SPEC‘s Trek Sling Pack one of the best concealed carry backpacks! Check out their review below:

A sling-style pack for those who prefer a single strap

The Trek Sling Pack by TRU-SPEC is different than our top pick in that is a different style (a single-strap bag worn diagonally across the body), and it is also quite a bit smaller in volume. These differences can make it more effective for someone who doesn’t carry as much, but it can also have a few drawbacks. We’ll explain the differences so you can figure out if it’s right for you.


TRU-SPEC is a brand that produces quite a bit of tactical gear, and for that they’re well-loved in the firearm, survival, and outdoors communities. Heavy, reinforced nylon is the material that makes up most of the Trek Sling Pack, and its durability is further shown in the thickness of their strap and the massive size of their zippers.

This backpack features three options to carry a concealed weapon: a side-zip pocket, a front compartment and a rear compartment that would normally be against your back. Just like the Covrt18, the side-zip pocket allows for the fastest firearm access, requiring just a quick rotation of the bag to reach. There are also dedicated magazine pockets throughout the bag so that you’re always prepared, and never have mags bouncing around inside the main storage area.

The fact that this is a smaller bag can be great if you generally travel light; however, if you have a heftier load day-to-day, this bag may present some challenges in getting everything inside alongside your firearm. In addition, since it’s a sling-style pack with only one cross-body strap, it can take a little getting used to if you’ve never worn one before. Single-strap bags don’t distribute load evenly like traditional double-strap backpacks, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’ve got any back issues.

Other than the minor style limitations discussed above, the TRU-SPEC Trek Sling Pack is a great, compact alternative to our top pick (and also about half the price). It’s got dedicated space for your firearms and mags, and still holds the subtle appearance that most concealed carriers are after.

See the full article here:

MultiCam apparel by TRU-SPEC


The MultiCam™ family of palettes are designed to compliment and overlap portions of the main ‪‎MultiCam‬™ pattern so pairing your TRU-SPEC® MultiCam™ gear with MultiCam™ Arid, MultiCam™ Tropic or MultiCam™ Black apparel results in a well-coordinated concealment system. Get yours now at!

TRU-SPEC® Names Ahern Group TALO States Sales Rep

Logo_Tru-Spec Spot.Clip ONLY [Converted]

FORT WORTH, TX (April 1, 2015) – TRU-SPEC®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, names Ahern Group LLC as their exclusive manufacturer’s rep in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

TRU-SPEC® creates high quality, affordable military and law enforcement apparel with vision, and continues to lead the market through innovation and service. The diverse product line includes uniforms, outerwear, base layers, backpacks, accessories and the highly versatile 24-7 Series® apparel line.

“At TRU-SPEC®, we maintain an innovative and exciting approach to the apparel and products our customers wear,” stated TRU-SPEC® Vice President of Marketing, Darrell Jacks. “We not only want to offer a trusted apparel that provides top quality performance, but to ensure functionality while remaining aesthetically comfortable and safe.”

Established in 1985, Ahern Group’s award winning sales force specializes exclusively in the representation of Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Law Enforcement products.

“TRU-SPEC® is a pioneer in the design and production of rugged, quality goods,” said James Miksch, Ahern Group’s Director of Law Enforcement Sales. “We’re honored to represent a market leading brand that thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs and military personnel depend on daily.”



TRU-SPEC® is now one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets. The name TRU-SPEC® has become synonymous with quality, innovation and service as thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs and military personnel use and depend on our products daily. Visit or to find a dealer near you.

About Ahern Group LLC

Established in 1985, Ahern Group specializes exclusively in the sales of quality Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Law Enforcement products in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma (TALO).

5IVE STAR GEAR® Announces Partnership with Global Food Industries for Nationwide Distribution of New Heart-Healthy Camp Ready Meals


Marietta, GA – March 13, 2014 – 5IVE STAR GEAR®, a division of ATLANCO® offering a wide variety of gear and equipment for the Military, Public Safety, Camping, Survival and Outdoor markets, has announced Camp Ready Meals, a new line of shelf-stable, complete meals – made in the U.S.A. by Global Food Industries (GFI) are now being distributed nationwide.

Camp Ready Meals are the latest in healthful dining options created to feed campers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. The meals are a healthier version of traditional camping meals, as they are made with vegetable protein exclusively; they are lower in sodium and fat and contain no preservatives.

With their multi-year shelf life, the compact and lightweight two-serving pouches are easy to store and transport in a backpack, ruck or day pack; and are easily prepared in five minutes using only hot water.

The first 10 flavors of the Camp Ready Meals are Southern-style BBQ Chicken, Hearty Beef Stew, Hearty Chicken Stew, Noodles and Chicken, Chili Mac, Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, Chicken a la King with Rice, Jambalaya, Sweet and Sour Rice with Chicken, and Cheesy Hamburger Mac. 

“ GFI is one of the top manufactures of food for improved health and offers meal solutions for Schools, Hospitals, Military and Food Service with a healthy advantage,” stated 5IVE STAR GEAR®’s Vice President of marketing, Darrell Jacks.  “We at 5IVE STAR GEAR® continue to show an unwavering level of loyalty to our customers, with every product that goes out the door; and this partnership with GFI demonstrates our commitment to making certain each of our customers is taken care of – down to their healthy choice in meals.”

GFI joined forces with 5IVE STAR GEAR® and Major Surplus & Survival to distribute CAMP READY MEALS nationwide with a suggested retail price of $5.99, offering an affordable and practical alternative to the current market offerings. 

Camp Ready Meals are now available nationwide through 5IVE STAR GEAR® and Major Surplus & Survival.  For more information visit



5IVE STAR GEAR®, an ATLANCO® brand derived from the company’s history in the military surplus business, is a distributor of a wide variety of gear and equipment for the Military, Public Safety, Camping, Survival, and Outdoor markets.


About Global Food Industries, Inc. (GFI)

Since 1995, GFI has been a leading manufacturer of shelf-stable entrees in the United States and abroad and, thus, a major supplier to governmental institutions, hospitals, schools, emergency preparedness organizations, and other clients responsible for feeding healthful entrees to large numbers of people at a reasonable cost.


About Major Surplus & Survival

Major Surplus & Survival is a major supplier of disaster and survival supplies to government and relief agencies around the world.