ATLANCO was founded in 1950 in Atlanta, GA, and soon became a leading distributor of military surplues in the Southeast region of the United States for military products. From the beginning, diversification and customer service have been an integral part of the company’s

In the 1980’s, the company recognized a growth opportunity and began to develop a new military apparel and accessories product line. These products earned national and international recognition, leading to new markets and continued growth.

ATLANCO opened its first manufacturing facility in Honduras in 1996, with the intention of manufacturing the highest-quality uniforms at competitive pricing. The brand name TRU-SPEC® was created reflecting the fact that these uniforms are manufactured to the U.S. Government’s “true specifications”, using United States mil-spec fabrics. The TRU-SPEC® brand has since developed into an industry leader and has expanded from core military apparel to public safety and law enforcement, as well as outdoor gear.

Demand for the TRU-SPEC® brand has continued to grow, and in response to that demand a new 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility was opened in Honduras in March 2004. This state-of-the-art facility allows the manufacturing process to be housed under one roof, with ample room for expansion. Currently this factory supports 1,000 employees specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality uniforms.

In 2011, retired Marine drill instructor R. Lee Ermey became the official spokesperson for TRU-SPEC.

Visit us online at www.truspec.com.

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